One Spring Day… Posted March 23, 2012


‘April Showers will bring May Flowers’, but Patty and Bobby didn’t let that stop them from having a beautiful April wedding! Patty and Bobby had met years ago, reconnected, and fell head over heels for each other. Their fireside ceremony was emotional, yet playful, reminiscing memories of how they had found each other. Their reception was full of whimsical touches, with the children enjoying water ‘martinis’ at the bar, to enjoying the grounds with striped umbrellas.

Linnea handcrafted over the top cupcakes and a beautiful wedding cake , with extra butter cream frosting. Patty wanted a white palette for both her bridal bouquet and the beautiful flower girl, and Linnea pulled out the stops… Patty and Bobby are kids at heart, and we are so glad to have had their day at the Bee.

Photography Courtesy of Carrie Roseman